7 new prebuilt agents to simplify your development process

November 1, 2017

Back in March 2017, we launched 33 prebuilt agents to help you simplify your agent development process. Prebuilt agents are templatized agents our team has built for a variety of use cases and verticals that you can download to your account and fully customize. Today, we’re releasing 7 more prebuilt agents in English to make development easier and faster:

New use cases
  • Jokes
  • Events Search
  • Dining Out
  • Local Services
  • Reminders
New verticals
  • Coffee Shop
  • Tourism

Let’s take a look at some examples of how each of them can be used:

Coffee Shop

User: I'd like a coffee to go.
User: I'm hungry.
User: I would like to order a gift card with $50 on it.


User: Make me laugh.
User: Tell me a witty joke.
User: Another one.

Events Search

User: Art exhibitions in Japan?
User: Where to go for a date?
User: How can I kill time nearby?

Dining Out

User: Find a cheap and top rated place to eat in NYC.
User: Show only open ones.
User: How about Queens?

Local Services

User: I'm looking for a beauty salon with Wi-Fi.
User: How about spa?
User: Filter for closest.


User: Where should I stay for 5 nights in Barcelona?
User: How about Madrid?
User: Show me the best sights in Rome that have parking and good reviews.


User: Set a reminder for 9am tomorrow: Yoga.
User: For Monday also.
User: Reschedule my 11am reminder to 8am.

Head over to your developer console and give these a try! And if you need support, find us over on StackOverflow or contact us here.

Posted by Mary Chen, Product Marketing Manager

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