Introducing two beta releases: Dialogflow API V2 and new Enterprise Edition

November 16, 2017

When we joined Google, our vision was to use Google’s infrastructure and resources to accelerate improvements to our platform, making the best technologies in AI and machine learning available to our developer community.

Today, we’re launching two new important updates– in beta–that bring us even closer to that day-one vision:

Dialogflow API V2 BETA

Dialogflow API V2 BETA is the next iteration of our developer API adding new features and capabilities. API V2’s updates include:

  • Google Cloud Speech integration, allowing developers to send audio directly to Dialogflow for speech recognition and natural language understanding
  • Importing, exporting and restoring agents through API calls, for improved integration with developers’ change management processes
  • Support for gRPC, an RPC framework offering improved performance, scalability and integration

We will continue support for our existing API V1, while any future features and improvements will be added to API V2. If you wish to try out the new API V2 BETA, please review our FAQ page and follow these instructions.

Dialogflow Enterprise Edition BETA

Many of our clients have asked for enterprise support, and today we’re excited to be launching Dialogflow Enterprise Edition BETA. Dialogflow Enterprise Edition BETA combines our new API V2 with Google Cloud Platform’s enterprise-grade compliance and customer support. Head over to the Google Cloud Platform to learn more.

What do today’s announcements mean for me?

In short, no action is necessary for your existing agents – they will continue working as before. We recommend that most users continue development with API V1 unless they would like to evaluate API V2 BETA or require features only available in API V2 BETA. Using Dialogflow Enterprise Edition BETA requires the use of API V2 BETA.

As we improve API V2 tooling in the coming months, we’ll provide additional resources for migrating your existing agents from V1 to V2.

If you have more questions about trying API V2, don’t forget to check out our FAQ page.

Posted by Artem Goncharuk, Engineering Lead

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