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March 9, 2018

Everyday, we’re seeing more and more rich conversational experiences being built with Dialogflow. Today, we’re sharing details on some of these experiences in 3 new case studies with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Ticketmaster, and Domino’s. Read on to learn how the conversational experiences they’ve built help them stay ahead of the curve, be where their customers are, and assist throughout the entire user journey.

Staying ahead of the conversational technology curve

Domino’s believes conversational technology will be the next evolution in e-commerce and is keen on staying on top of and ahead of the curve. They incorporated Dialogflow’s machine learning and natural language understanding (NLU) capabilities into their ordering bot, ‘Dom.’ Through conversing with Dom, customers can make both simple and complex orders, request recent orders, and track order progress.

Dom, Domino's ordering bot
A pizza ordering conversation with 'Dom', Domino's ordering bot

Being where the customers are

With the popularity of messaging platforms and emergence of smart voice-controlled devices, Ticketmaster wants to help customers find their favorite artists and shows on all the platforms and surfaces they’re already using. They launched their ticket discovery and purchase experience to Google Assistant users on phones, and plan to scale to more devices with the Google Assistant built-in. They also plan to expand to platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, and Cortana, and to international markets outside the US, using Dialogflow’s cross-platform and multilingual features.

Ticketmaster on the Google Assistant
Browse events and purchase tickets directly with Ticketmaster on the Google Assistant

Assisting throughout the entire customer journey

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines built a booking bot called ‘BB’, and after launching it, identified a new customer engagement opportunity when flight booking is complete. Using Dialogflow’s easy-to-use platform, the airline quickly built an entirely new packing experience to help travelers prepare for their upcoming trip. The two unique yet interconnected experiences allow BB to assist customers throughout the travel journey in helpful (and fun!) ways.

BB, KLM's service bot
Get packing tips from BB, KLM's service bot

Check out these 3 case studies to learn more about how Domino’s, Ticketmaster, and KLM are using Dialogflow to establish their presence in the digital assistant space. We’ll continue to add more stories in the future so share with us cool experiences you’ve been building with Dialogflow as well! And if you’re new, learn how you can create your first Dialogflow agent here.

Posted by Mary Chen, travel and packing enthusiast, and Alan Montelongo, pizza and ticket enthusiast

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