Kicking off I/O ‘18 with new & improved features

May 8, 2018

Today, we’re kicking off our 2nd year at Google I/O with lots of feature releases to help you build conversational experiences faster and smarter. See them at this Thursday’s I/O talk (which will be livestreamed) and come chat with us at the Google Assistant Sandbox if you’re attending the festivities!

Get started faster with new onboarding resources

New to Dialogflow? Watch our 3-part ‘Basics of Dialogflow’ video series to learn core Dialogflow concepts such as intents, entities, contexts and fulfillment.

And for those eager to start building, quickly import one of nine fully functional Dialogflow samples, complete with fulfillment code. Click on the ‘Add to Dialogflow’ button below to try out Temperature Trivia, which demonstrates how easy it is to build an Action for the Google Assistant using Dialogflow:

Temperature Trivia
Temperature Trivia

Debug using more insights and diagnostics

As developers ourselves, we know how important it is to detect errors and to receive specific and actionable help towards resolving them. The history tool has been redesigned to cleanly display conversations between your users and your agent, and flag places where your agent was unable to match an intent. It also links to diagnostics via our new Google Stackdriver Logging integration so you can easily diagnose and quickly fix issues.

history UI

We’ve also expanded the diagnostic information shown in the test console, so you can see the raw request being sent to your fulfillment webhook and the response that your webhook sends back.

diagnostics UI

Improve NLU quality by training with negative examples

We’ve heard your feedback! Developers have been asking for our natural language understanding to ignore certain phrases that mistrigger unwanted intents. You can now improve your agent’s precision by adding negative examples as training phrases for fallback intents.

negative examples
By providing the negative example 'Buy bus ticket to San Francisco' in the Default Fallback Intent, a purchase intent will not be matched to this inquiry if the agent only sells flight tickets.

Build to more Google Assistant surfaces and environments

As mentioned on the Google Developers blog, Actions will soon be available on new Smart Displays. You can start building for these visually rich surfaces in your Dialogflow console. We’ve launched support for tables, and will be adding more multimodal options in the upcoming months.

Google Assistant Table Card UI

Also announced is the ability to test your Action with groups of users before launching publicly. See how these new release environments in the Actions Console work with your Dialogflow agents. (For all other platforms, you can also try the beta release of Dialogflow versions and environments.)

Try these out

Go ahead and give these features a try! Drop by our developer community to share your feedback, subscribe to future news & updates, and follow us on Twitter. To see what others have built, check out our case studies with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Domino’s and Ticketmaster.

Posted by Artem Goncharuk, Engineering Lead

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